This is a typical B.E.T. movie. B.E.T. should be an acronym for Bullh! Entertainment Television. The script was weak. Some of the dialog was cliché. The acting was mediocre. Jason Weaver is a good actor, but he couldn't overcome the weak script.
This movie is stereotypical. Brown (or Black as most people call us) people have more depth than was portrayed in this movie. I would have liked to see a greater depth of emotion from from Jason Weaver's character. These problems had nothing to do with a budget or money. These things were the product of lazy writing.
BET airs movie like this because they know that their main audience doesn't demand movies with depth, great scripts, or great acting. Most of the BET audience is 12-25 and just wants to laugh, say 'ooo' ahh, or wants to watch "juicy" salacious programming. What a shame.

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