Director Sonny Mugambi Mateka



Looks like he is living forward where time is passing backward. Ships go back. Car turns back. And at the end he says not happened yet. And it starts to happened backwards. Looks like Columbus circle, just saying... LMFAO I just watched this movie without knowing a single thing about it and I said to myself this looks like a Micheal bay movie with all these explosions and at the end there is his name 🤣🤣🤣I don't think they even need to put his name u can just tell. Here we go again. Another climate change story guised as a horror type movie. Typical agenda driven movie that's based around the ever changing climate. FFS.


Seems awesome And honorable to WW1. Im ready to get confused. So this is literally that who gave you the heart meme. Ryan Who acts as himself on any movie Reynolds i stole this comment. NOLAN: Yes. AUDIENCE: So does time run backwards or like can characters control it or is it weirder than that. Time says u can't do anything with me. i am the perfect constant and Nolan says lets put you to the test. 1:39:37 to 1:39:42, and 1:39:50 - In great secrecy, the Israeli military scoured Israel for a ( very much desired ) BLACK Mercedes car identical to Amin's. They found only one, but it was WHITE.

“I had to put you into this Frank”

His name is John David Washington. There, you can fix the title of the video now. SMFH. Aside from the design of sonic the movie looks good. Plot: Flash flood brings a crock into a house of people who have guns Basically based in Australia. Another masterpiece is coming again guys ❤️.