A Decent Proposal by Teresa Southwick - Goodreads

Shown on French television under the title "Mariage Sans Amour. On reading the script for this one, I was really hoping for something spicier and more interesting than this. The theme of "false disappearance" has been treated before and better in other films. The thing which upset me most in this film was the total unattractiveness of the female character Tia. I could not feel any emotion for this character, whatever may have happened to her in the film. I did not find her physically attractive either and whilst Nick was a reasonably attractive person, I did not find that the actor performed well. The best performance was doubtless her husband John but when I say best, it was the best of a bad lot. The unsurprising ending leaves the spectator with the impression of having wasted his/her time to end up as they did. I am a great fan of USA TV films, more so than of today's cinema. Many are excellent, some less so. This one, for reasons of plot and characters is easily forgettable.
A decent proposal. The Independent Uganda.