Concert films by definition are boring. After 30 minutes you always start looking at your watch. Fade to Black somehow stays fresh for almost two hours. Although the film is far from perfect it is swollen personality and charisma. At points, it's down right hilarious. It breathes life into an almost dead genre of film. I like the way it hops back and fourth between the legendary concert and now historic Black Album studio sessions. Also, I've never heard a concert film sound that good ever! I thought my face was going to melt once Jay-Z took the stage. Fade to Black rewrites the definition of concert film and as time goes on will eventually be called a classic.

It's so beautiful 😢❤️. Errando letra... kkk.

Essa é a melhor versão dessa musica

That storm trooper achily had to got to the emergincy room it was a sirios injery. @LiveAtProdigy And. If u dont anything other to say then Shut up. Ken Russell pulling a Cronenberg a la perfection.

Joe Rogan brought me hear from his interview with the green beret who overdosed on Ketamine

Who's here from the Mcgregor Cerrone promo. Am I the only one from Conor-Cerrone UFC promo. Sounds like a crazy version of I Spit on Your grave.

Am i the only one that replayed the spinning top in inception a thousand times

The HD version of wizard of oz They Could easily erase the hanging munchkin by computer and replace it with a Bird.

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