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Release Year 1990

Kapag langit ang humatol is a movie starring Vilma Santos, Richard Gomez, and Gloria Romero. Florida (Vilma Santos) concocted a plan to revenge the abuse she suffered from the devilish matriarch, Octavia (Gloria Romero) only to


Emmanuel H. Borlaza

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directed by: Ryan Roy; tomatometer: 5,3 / 10 star; Duration: 1 h, 26Minute; Thriller; Country: USA

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Livia Giuggioli. 1hour, 32 Minutes. genre - Documentary. Andrew Morgan. rating - 8,3 / 10 star

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7 / 10 / director: Francisco Aragon / Country: USA / Release Year: 2001 / star: Francisco Aragon

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runtime 1Hour 38 Min
7,9 / 10
stars Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, Boris Isakovic
creator Alen Drljevic
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creator: Tengo Yamada, Keiji Nakazawa

stars: Fumiko Abe

genres: Drama

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Release date=2017; Genre=Drama; 89 Minute; Country=South Korea

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Summary Married comic actors Hattie Jacques and John LeMesurier seem the perfect couple,with their two young sons and the legendary Christmas dinners they host for their friends. However,in 1963,after a charity fund raiser for leukaemia, Hattie meets the young and handsome John Schofield,whose son died of the disease. He tells her that she is lovely and boosts her confidence about her plumpness. When he splits with his wife John LeMesurier suggests he becomes the family's lodger but he becomes Hattie's lover,jealously so,angry that he cannot be part of her 'This Is Your Life' TV tribute.The gentlemanly LeMesurier moves into the spare room,the while remaining good friends with Hattie,who encourages him to date family friend Joan Malin,whom he will eventually marry. To preserve Hattie's public reputation,her husband accepts blame in the divorce court and will remain on good terms with her for the rest of her life. Two years later Schofield deserts Hattie for an Italian heiress. She will never remarry,seeking the company of younger men and succumbing to illness propounded by her size,leading to her death from a heart attack at the early age of fifty-eight; stars Ruth Jones; directors Dan Zeff; Country UK; Score 326 vote

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Documentary. audience score - 13 votes. Runtime - 16 Minute. country - USA. Cast - Brett Halsey