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The Politically Incorrect Guide to History is a book by Tom Woods, a Libertarian/Paleoconservative author and the host of the podcast The Tom Woods Show. This book was, at one point, a New York Times Best Seller, and has been praised by politicians in the United States. I'm relatively new to Badhistory, and I have little formal training in history at all, but I think I can take a good shot at this one. The book has been widely criticized for its portrayal of the American Civil War, Slavery, and.

Were back, with another charity anthology review! Today were continuing our look at the Ian and Barbara anthology. Mild Curiosities. with two entries in Chapter III, the post-Doctor era: Comfort in Tea and Tales of Time Travel* by Dana Reboe; and Logan Fairchilds *The Peculiar Package. As always, there will be spoilers ahead! I do this when reviewing charity projects, because these projects are generally only available for a limited time or in limite. The Great Los Angeles Firestorm: Chapter 4: Los Angeles Burst Two. Free Today: Volumes 1 and 2 of my "Horror Begins at Home" series.