I watched this movie at the Vue Cinema as part of the London Film Festival 2016.
A delirious "magical realism" that we have come to expect and love from an Emir Kusturica movie. He plays a Serbian milk man in love with a Serbian-Italian beauty played by Monica Bellucci.
We have a vicious clock, snakes that drink milk and wrap around people as a means of delaying them, female gymnastics out of this world and sheep that explode violently - not forgetting a literal blood bath.
The plot gets a bit over-tangled but there is nothing too over-the- top for Kusturica especially when trying to resolve a difficult situation, not even flying!
The backdrop of horrible warfare is almost matter-of-fact to the excessively romantic story that really matters here
This is cinematic anarchy in all its folkloric glory but it works and its highly entertainin.