Writer Manuel Ríos San Martín No te fallaré


Which mental scriptwriter came up with this horrible plot. Why dose this look like GTA.

When you stole story from anime and manga

I hope Geralt wont accidentally fall off from a 3-meter rooftop and die. I shocked when I'm watching it. Ohh ending though. After watching it, I became emotional. Nolan: Yes Interviewer: Is this movie about time traveling. TENET movie : Exists Schizophrenic : Man, haven't seen a normal movie like this for years. I'm here on release and I gotta tell yeah my virgin eyes were killed on the first episode. Just take my money. All the short ads Ive seen on YouTube vids led me to believe this was a horror movie. wtf. I can see a cool ass guy in red condom costume. All is good, but where is the scene that geralt looting every box in every single corner. Is this Rohit Shetty's Movie 🤔.

Don't try to understand it Feel it I mean that's what i normally do in all of nolan movies.



Anyone else thinking of Crazy Rich Asians and how Nick and Auntie Eleanor ended up here. Me: this movie sounds complica- nolan: don't try to understand it, feel it.