Buzzed needa start an astrology channel (and hook me up with a check for the idea. Enjoyed this film, very thought provoking, with moments of subtle humor. This movies haven't relased in Indian theatres but it has already been uploaded in. This is so accurate. 1:13 damn the way they mixed the songs here so hype with the scenes showing at the same time. Is this the real life? is this just fantasy 🎡🎡🎡. Love this channel.


Mercury in retrograde 2019 schedule. Mercury in retrograde 2019 sturgill. This is a real life drama that people face in relationships every day, seeking answers to serious questions, and trying to find that magic to maintain a lifelong friendship with the one you love. The story is funny, emotional, hopeful, sad, and pulls at your heart from all directions. It is an easy watch and the actors are all top shelf! I felt like I was on a trip with these people in their vacation cabin in Michigan. Such a delightful film! Thanks to Michael Glover Smith for not only writing a thought provoking film but also his direction of the actors that pulled off a fantastic story. It's gonna be crazy rocking 😍 😘 πŸ”₯.

Mercury must be in retrograde again But at least it's not just hangin' around, pretendin' to be my friend Oh, the road to Hell is paved with cruel intention. Mercury in retrograde: It makes sense if you understand physics and astrophysics do you agree. BEST MOVIE EVER😍😍😍😍😍. Sound & Fury (Sturgill Simpson album. Why is the Mercury in retrograde a BAD thing. The only thing that can be compared to how much I love astronomy is how I extremely hate astrology. great video by the way.

Thank you for explaining. What is the meaning of mercury in retrograde. Mercury in retrograde. I wish I could download the remix in this trailer. It's sick. Three things : This is the BEST MOVIE i ever seen in my life. Brian May looks like he jumped out from a time machine and he returned to act himself. They deserve MANY MANY OSCARS.

The video got half the evil likes... pls don't change it 333.


They are not creative interpretations, they are lies and you Vox, lend an unacceptable degree of validity to the pseudo claims made. Call it what it is, lies. What actors and actresses appeared in Mercury in Retrograde - 2000. I want this to be released so bad. Mercury in retrograde leo.




When a person has his natal Mercury in the 9th house of the chart, the placement makes him be of a rather high intellect, being capable of viewing the big picture. His mind is very broad; on the other hand, he can lack the ability to see the details thoroughly. Natal Mercury in the 9th House β€’ The Astro Codex. What Is Mercury Retrograde Really About.