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Lonesome Jim - Bleiberg Entertainment. Sep 19, 2018. Steve Buscemi's comedy follows Jim (Casey Affleck) as he returns to life in his rural Indiana hometown and was nominated for a Grand Jury. Liv Tyler actually gets a chance to act in this film, and is excellent as Jim's bubbly, optimistic and pragmatic girlfriend. Her girl-next-door part is one of the best in the movie, not only because you sympathize with her efforts to hump Jim into a better mood. Lonesome Jim.

Mar 30, 2006. "Lonesome Jim" follows, for example, Winter Passing. Consider Lonesome Jim (Casey Affleck. Comedy, Drama, Indie, Romance. Jim is the prototype slacker; he doesn't want to do much, and what he does do never turns out very well. His girlfriend does her best to break him out of it, crisis events in his life should draw him out of it, but nothing works.


If you're a Buscemi fan, this is some good stuff! Our anti-hero Jim wanders from one calamity to the next, contemplating suicide and generally living the loser existence despite every chance he gets to break out of it.

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Title: Lonesome Jim. Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama. Year: 2006. Cast: Casey Affleck, Liv Tyler, Seymour Cassel, Mary Kay Place, Kevin Corrigan. Directed.



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