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This is one of my mom's favorite movies - it is very sad that it was never released! I did see it in the past year on a cable network station like TBS or WGN - so someone has the rights to run it. Bit of trivia: the boy who played Jeorge now goes by Gabriele Macht. I have seen him on a few things like the movie "The Recruit" and Sex and the City - recognized him immediately. Haven't found a site that says why he dropped Swann. IMDb doesn't have "Why Would I Lie" in his credits either - not quite sure why he and Treat Williams won't admit to appearing in this funny movie! I do remember the movie quite well if someone wants a more thorough synopsis. I might even be able to find a copy of what I taped off of cable, too. I didn't get it from the very beginning, but pretty close to it.
Here is Macht's IMDb link.