I had very low expectations of this unusual little film and maybe that contributed to my enjoying it so much. As others have pointed out it is not a well lit film and indeed some sections are dark to the point of the action becoming almost invisible BUT this is compelling enough for one to make the effort. Low key, down beat, depressing I guess for some but the (damaged) character developments are believable and the movie seems to have a life of its own contriving to draw the viewer into a world he maybe would rather keep away from. Several meaningful moments and a real sense of warmth despite the coldness of the action and the aura of doom surrounding everyone, from the aspiring guitarist to the love torn pensioner and his rabbit. Ulma Thurman is excellent throughout and shines even in the film's dimmest sections. There is also a most effective (if again depressing) cameo from Steve Buscemi and if you make it this far you will certainly make it to the end of a very decent 'one off' of a film.