44:17 I get a kick out of this scene every time 🤣. Prince was one agile mofo. Boyz becoming Men And all The wives Becometh Widows. Keep The warm Hearth Glowing Tho Yr heart Is Yearning... There is Nothing But Us. At times when I'm down, or depressed, I turn to this man for inspiration. England's finest son. God Bless you Sir, may you Rest in Peace. Beautiful. They really need to bring this back.


Still an AWESOME video that I'm supper happy I got opportunity to be a part of. You Are So Cool! Enjoyed The Video So Much. They see me rollin They hatin. They need to remake these games man. What the hell is that mickey mouse hand thing. Damn! This is by far THE best Kaileena and Dahaka battle video on the internet! I also play like this. Love you man. Utter madness that Warrior Within + the Two Thrones were never made XboxOne Backwards Compatibility. They are both 10/10 games. Thank you, everyone! This video will soon get 500 000 views, I'm really sorry, that this video has a lower quality value, than my latest videos, I hope that you all still enjoy it. Good luck. I watched the first 7 minutes. Is it really even a Speedrun if the game isn't broken down and taken apart during gameplay :P ? I personally would have enjoyed those 7 minutes more if the dodge roll? had only been used when necessary since it just looks dumb when repeated like that. Perhaps in a few places, if possible, just take a moment to stop and move the screen across where You're about to go since that would give a moment to appreciate the vistas/play space and also give the video additional value as a Guide. But yeah :P at this point i'm really not talking about the idea of Speedrunning a game and rather providing a competently executed moment to moment guide of the entire game.

Okay so I was looking for some motivation to start studying, and after this video I ended up rewatching the entire limitless movie...


This game needs a remastered HD edition, too bad ubi is all about AC series now. And their finest hour it was. The world owes a debt of gratitude to an island nation that stood alone against the most powerful military machine in human history, and to the man who led them through vthe long dark night. And to this day the British stiff upper lip in the face of overwhelming odds, defeats, and suffering is still a testament to freedom loving ppl everywhere. Was a drunk and killer. was put in the office and fully controlled.

Prince runs faster on walls than on ground.