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country - Iran; Brief - Pooran doesn't get pregnant so Mahmood marries a widow in the hope of becoming a father. Unpredicted things happen when the three of them have to live in the same house; Directed by - Nosratallah Karimi; release Year - 1972; genre - Romance

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score 27 votes; Actor Sangeetha Bhat; Guruprasad; India

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  1. runtime 14 Minute
  2. 2017
  3. USA

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Ken Friedman. Genre: Crime, Drama. actor: Marji Martin. 1 Hours 22minute. Dar and Tuck are best friends with no goal or perspective in life. They live in a small dead end coal mining town in Pennsylvania that's slowly dying. They entertain themselves with pranks and a bit of troublemaking. Eventually they decide to leave their town and head for California to follow their only dream - meeting and hooking up with a couple of beach babes. They steal and hotwire cars to get there. On the road, they meet Annie, an outlaw who left her town after a chemical accident that was covered up destroyed it. Dioxide was released in the air there and since officials did nothing about it, it slowly killed everything, including the townsfolk who didn't leave. Annie now lives for a thrill and robs small places like convenience stores and restaurants. She seduces Dar, which makes Tuck the third wheel. They like Annie and her lust for life, so she joins them. Later they meet and pick up a disgruntled Native American girl Cora, who's hitchhiking back to her hometown in the reservation. They talked about their lives and problems, befriend easily and head to her home town. Tuck likes her, so everything seems to be finally as it should. However, Annie decides to rob another place and things escalate in a weird way

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Genres: Short, Documentary Director: Ivan Bakrac ratings: 8,2 / 10 stars stars: Miodrag Todorovic, Vladenka Kovacevic 25 minute

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Genre - Action
Countries - India

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Release Date - 2017 UK genre - Documentary duration - 1 h, 14 minute