I do not understand why this movie is considered best czech movie ever. I like czech movies very much but this one doesn't carry any idea - maybe I just haven't found any. Movie is too slow, black and white, not funny at all and what is worst it is boring, boring, boring. If you want to see a good modern czech movie try Knoflikari, Samotari, Pelisky, Pupendo etc. I've rated movie with 5 because I think that you should see it to make up your own mind. Please let us know what you have found interesting and worth about this picture. Next thing I do not understand is how could a movie like this earn five golden lions ( czech movie award ) So once again - I didn't get the point of that movie but if you will - my congratulations.

I think that film is right about it. Not only about hollywood-class movies - don't anything against Hollywood. Boredom in Brno is about art, is about "silver cinema" it's about feelings, it's about picturesque camera. no more words, just watch it.